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The Amazing Keller Hall

A hall that most Computer Science, Computer Engineers and Electrical Engineers call home, Keller Hall in my (probably biased) opinion is the most beautiful hall on campus. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, it truly is a work of art. It houses the computer labs, and most of the computer science and engineering courses. It is also one of the only places that are open 24 hours for students to study, with the 4th floor Linux Lab 4-250 open all day and all night, if you so choose to (or rather, need to, before a major deadline or due date) stay.Outside view of Kenneth Keller Hall, the place for Computer Science and Electrical Engineer students.

Nice seating with view of the outside

The study areas in the middle of the building with the glass ceiling allowing sunlight to come in.

A view of the middle staircase as well as the foodstore inside. One of the smaller computer labs, also the place where a lot of TA's have office hours for CSCI.