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Ready for the snow? Here it comes!

Minnesota is famous for it harsh weather with snow for nearly 6 months straight. In addition to that, the wind also make it seems colder than it actually is. Facing the snow during school year might be joyful at first for some international students who have not witnessed Elsa - the Frozen Princess in action before. But for some local students, it just makes things quite troublesome. So here is some tips on how you can prepare for the snow and still enjoy your school life here in the Twin Cities:

1) Golden Rule: Always wear proper clothes. You don't want yourself to tremble among the whiteness of Frozen World (that's what I prefer to call Minnesnowta). Cold can badly affect your physical health, which causes flu, fever and prevent you from attending classes. So the first step is having a big, warm coat. Being an animal lover, I don't strongly recommend a coat with animal fur stuffed inside, but for most people, that natural shield is normally warmer than regular cotton fiber coat. Well, it is up to you. So how about your lower half? It might seems weird but I do wear 2 trousers at once: a warm, long trouser and a nice jean outside of it. Yeah, sometimes you need extra protection. Feel free to wear two jeans if you feel comfortable enough, but make sure to also wear a belt though...

2) Eat, eat, eat: Cold weather burns our energy quicker than normal. So you don't  want your body to not get enough of calories you need. A typical adult need 2500 calories per day to function well, so eating properly is really important in the snow. Eat more or choose food that contains higher fat than usual, but not too much, is the way to go. You also need more sugar, so sometimes a nice chocolate bar is a wise choice. Remember, you need energy to fight with the cold, as well as to study for exams, oh, I just don't wanna mention about them anymore...

3) Buy a mini heater: It might sounds crazy or luxury to have a heater in dorm, but in fact they are quite cheap. In Hanoi - my hometown, although the cold is not as harsh as in Minnesota, I own a Tiross heater in my room, which I can turn it on whenever I feel cold. Imagine watching a movie with a blanket and a heater nearby, that's heaven! Another choice is to use your own blow dryer and keep it running for a while, until you feel warm enough, but make sure to switch it off since you don't want your dorm room in fire.

4) Gather with your friends: Socializing is in human nature. Feeling attached to somebody creates a spirit/ mental energy that helps you to fight cold. Of course you don't need to hug your friends forever during the meetings, but the existence of others always make us feel better, not just warmer. So gather up your friends like two or three times a week and enjoy a nice movie or board game. "Love is in the air", so make sure to share the love - not just limited to couples...

5) The last and final tip: "Enjoy the little things". Yeah, snow is big, humongous, it is everywhere actually. But the "little things" here are memories that attached you with this city. I guarantee that you will miss the snow when you finish your college degree and come back to your home country. Since physical things often reminds us of our old memories, snow will play a big part about what you remember about this beautiful area. Of course you don't want to feel depressed whenever "Minnesnowta Flashback" happens, so try to create fun memories with the snow: building a snowman, organizing snowball fight are some good choices!

"Love the snow/ Prepare for the cold" is the way to go