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Computer Science Classes at the U

Being a Computer Science major, CSCI classes will take up most your time in school. The classes are fun and challenging, and the work often time consuming, but if you are someone who craves challenging problems and likes programming or wants to learn, you would love it! A lot of the time, you might even have to spend 8 hours on debugging a program, but when you do figure it out, that sweet joy of having it done and figured out is unparalleled, second to none.

A lot of Computer Science classes are very programming heavy, but as I am learning in my sophomore year, a lot of them also have nothing to do with programming, and concern themselves with more of the math side of computer science, like Computational Linear Algebra and Discrete Math and Structures in Computer Science. An analogy one of my teachers used that I really liked is Discrete Math is to Computer Scientists what Calculus is to Engineers, they all need to learn it, because they will be using it for the rest of their careers to do what they need to do.

A typical lecture hall

One of the things about Computer Science classes that do require programming is that there is usually a lecture section, and a separate lab section with computers where you can actually apply what you learned in theory to practice! This kind of setting was not something I was used to back in my home country where the classes would take place in the labs and you would learn through fumbling about and fiddling, whereas here you learn first and apply that later.

The challenging classes and the workload is something I relish, though sometimes in a week a lot of stuff might pile up together and you wish it was not that intensive!

You don't always need computers to learn computers science!