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On-campus Vs. Off-campus living

Its very common for first year students at the university of Minnesota to live on-campus, meaning, live on the university residence halls, however, many people choose to live off campus once they get to their second, third and fourth years, and that can cause some confusion. Will I live close to the University if I live off campus? Will I adapt to living in an apartment? What’s the best choice? All of these are questions that many people ask and wonder about.


First of all, its important to note what’s the difference between on and off campus. Many people think that living off-campus means that you’ll be living far from your classes and have a long-ish commute. That’s not true. The University has many student-directed apartments that, in many cases are just as close to all your classes as the residence hall are.

In the first year, I (and many other people I’ve talked to) would recommend living in the university residence halls. This is just because its a great opportunity to get integrated with your graduating class and making friends. Once you get to your second year and you’ve already gotten used to the university lifestyle, lots of people start thinking about moving to an apartment. 

That’s what I did. Now I live in an apartment with three other friends and I liked it very much. This gives me more freedom to make my own schedule (have breakfast, lunch and dinner when I want) and choose the type of room I want (shared bedroom, single bedroom, single bed, double bed and so on). However, living in a apartment also requires that you be more disciplined about a few things, mainly cooking your own meals and finding time and space to study.

In the end, choosing a place to live comes down to weighing the pros and cons of both, but my personal suggestion is that living off campus is a great maturing opportunity and lots of fun!