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Networking holiday!

Wait, what? Yes! it is not just a networking event nor just a holiday. It is a combination of both...

I really hope everyone had an awesome holiday! If you did not, don’t worry I've been there too. I had so many memories on thanksgiving break, some are good and some are not. But this year I had the best thanksgiving break ever! I went to University of Michigan for the AMSA meeting. AMSA is the Association of Mongolian Students in America. It was their 4th general meeting and this was the first general meeting that I attended. They host their event during thanksgiving break at different universities. This year around 80 students from different universities from different states came for the meeting. I got to meet so many brilliant, talented and motivated Mongolian students and it was one of the best networking events that I have ever attended. And on top of that I learned about the history of Mongolian script and why is it useful to learn about it, I even learned to dance western Mongolian traditional dance! I was little ashamed of myself for not knowing much about my own culture. AMSA also invites guest speakers who are Mongolians to share their success and knowledge. There was so much information that I learned over 2 days, but I don’t want to write a long blog, so I am sharing few photos from the meeting.

Wearing traditional Mongolian costume called "deel". 

Proud Mongolians.

Wearing AMSA t-shirt, designmed by Duka. 


I just cannot wait for next year’s AMSA's general meeting. Who knows, the next meeting might even be at the University of Minnesota...


PS: If you are curious about what AMSA is, there is a page on Facebook and website which is amsa.mn . Or feel free to contact me →ganba005@umn.edu