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Ways to thrive during finals!

  1. A health psychologist says that “When you change your mind about stress you can change your body’s response to the stress”. In other words, if you view stress response as helpful you can use that as a driving force to succeed.
  2. Create your own program and organize your time. Take your calendar and mark the days you have left until the finals. Then make notes on what you have to study each day.
  3. Find your strengths and weaknesses for each course. Do not waste your time on easy things that you know. Study those which you thing they are more challenging for you.
  4. Do not wait till the last week to start studying for the finals! Study well in advance in order to have enough time for revision.
  5. Remember to eat well and get rest. This is very important! It will provide you with energy and it will help you think more clearly.
  6. Use the libraries! The University of Minnesota has five libraries where you can find a quiet space to study and be more concentrated on what you are studying.
  7. Something even more helpful is that you can use the SMART Learning Commons. This is a way to find a tutor who can answer your questions and help you study more efficiently.


But if you still have stress the University offers de-stress advising and hosts a program called PAWS. Pet Away Worry and Stress is a program created by the Boynton Health Service where you have the opportunity to interact with dogs, cats and other animals!