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New friends at the U

Get to know the campus in your first week

Coming from a different country, I found it very difficult to start my new life at the U at the very beginning.

I arrived on campus long before school started. I felt very lost, of course. I barely knew anyone. But then I got out of my comfort zone. I went out of my room and knocked on your neighbors’ doors and say hello to them, because they are going to be people who live with me for the whole academic year.

Greeting and making new friends doesn’t harm anyone at all. My Middlebrook friends and I started to use the study lounge more. We study together, have dinner together. We have built a strong relationship. Mingle in with people around you, build some relationship, and have the best experience in college.


(Building relationship with new friends)


(Friday day out with friends. Some ice-cream when it is still warm outside)