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What is a Campus Connector?

It is a very cold day, and you are very tired of walking through the huge campus. What are the options?


Campus Connector is a transport system that is provided by the University of Minnesota. It is a bus that is free for every student, and it connects through all three campuses, the West Bank, East Bank, and the St. Paul campus. If you happen to live in the West Bank and you have a class in East Bank or in St. Paul, you can ride on the bus in front of the Blegan Hall, and go to the campus that you want. The opposite is also possible. For my first few months, I happened to live in Bailey Hall that is located in St. Paul campus. Since I had all my classes in East Bank or West Bank, which is located in Minneapolis, I thought it would be a very hard time for me. However, by utilizing the Campus Connector, I was able to go to places to places very well, and it was a very nice experience to use the bus that school has provided for us. The Connector runs through 7 o clock in the morning to 12 o clock, so it will be comfortable to use it when you need it. Also for bike users!! There is a place where you can stick the bike on the bus, so it would be better to use the Connector if you are going somewhere far in the campus. :)