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Finals Preparation

So it's that time of the semester again. This is the final stretch of the semester when students are doing their very best to achieve the desired results in their classes. This period is perhaps the most difficult time for most students as final exams are around the corner while major assignments are approaching their submission deadlines. Fortunately, students will not be facing all these alone as the U of M is also doing its part to support us the best they can. They are providing essential assistance to ensure that Gophers are taken care of.

1) Libraries

The U of M is extending the libraries hours throughout the campus, including the St.Paul campus to provide students conducive study and revision environments. Some libraries are even operating 24/7 through finals. There also exists study spaces that differs on noise level allowed, ranging from pin-drop silence to group study spaces designated for group discussions. Aside from that, the libraries are also extending the opreating hours of other important services such as printing services, tutoring services, coffee shops and librarians accordingly to accomodate the needs of students through finals weeks. For full details on libraries hours, click here.


In order: Extreme Quiet, Quiet, Low Hum, Group Study Space


2) Boynton Health Service

The U of M Boynton Health Service and Student Counseling Services Student Group are providing counseling and assitance for students who are struggling to cope with the stress from preparation for finals. Students can schedule free consultation with trained peer helpers who offer non-judgemental and confidential supports.They will also help students in need to develop stress management strategies and connect to campus resources. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment even if one just need a pair of listening ears to destress. Help is free of charge and is just a few clicks away! Click here for the full details of the service.

These are just two of the handfuls of great services and assistance that the U of M has provided to us students. Aside from those, we can do our part to ensure that we can make it through finals weeks in good shape and condition. Sleep well, do not hesitate to take our mind off studies and works once in a while to refresh our minds and do sports or hobbies that calm ourselves. Good luck!