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Winter Wonder in Minnesota

Can you believe it? It's Christmas! Again! Time really flies!

It's the time of the year again to take our minds off classes, assignments and tests. This is also the time that most of us international students will look forward too because we have another opportunity to travel! Most of us will want to travel somewhere nice, especially for this festive season, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, you name it. However, do not forget to add Minneapolis to that list! It is worth mentioning that Minneapolis is such a beautiful city as well! So if you aren't heading anywhere else for this festive period, fret not! Minneapolis has so many beautiful places, so many fun activities to do that the big cities can't offer. We are special in our own ways!

Well, I'm going to talk about the two cool things you might enjoy if you're staying in Minneapolis over the break.

1) Snowboard / Skiing

Name me one place which is more hyped for winter sport than Minnesota! Most people will stay inside during the winter in most states, not in Minnesota and certainly not in Minneapolis! Winter and snow are when Minnesotans will pick up their snowboard or ski gear and head to one of the ski hills around the states. There are quite a few around Minneapolis already! I went with a bunch of friends to Buck Hill in Burnsville to snowboard and ski for the first time. I was so excited when I saw the hills and couldn't wait to get myself a snowboard. I remember it was a one day snowboard and ski package and I grabbed the snowboard right away because it was what I really want to do since I was young. As soon as I strapped myself to the board, boy is it hard to balance yourself! I fell so many times! But it was all great and fun! I also got a chance to try skiing but realized that I'm more of a snowboard person. :P 

One thing to note, both winter sports can be quite tiring and they were good work out even out in the cold! So there you go, one of the main activities you can do over the winter break! 


2) Sight Seeing

This is my personal favorite. I just love to take a stroll around the city. There are so many hidden gems in the city that not many are aware of. You have to explore yourself to really experience the beauty of Minneapolis. My favorite spot that I will never fail to go back to? Minehaha Falls. It's a winter wonderland there, especially when it snows or snowed. Combine the fresh white snow with the frozen fall, magical is the word! There are so many other places to visit in the winter as well, like visiting Lake Calhoun and the Stone Arch Bridge. One side note, bring enough water and food supplies and power storage bank because you might not stop taking pictures of these beautiful places!

There you go, these are the two of my favorite things to do in the winter that I will suggest people to go if they stay in Minneapolis over the winter break or after school has started. Have a fun and safe festive period and winter break! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!