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GoldPass Career Service Tutorial

It's the time of the semester again where many gophers dress up in their smartest outfits or attires to leave good impressions on potential employers, the time when employers visit the University to look for fresh talents to instill new blood and drive in their companies. Yep, it's the time when career and internship fairs are happening all around campus. This is definitely the opportunity to secure jobs or internships that will be invaluable experience to us, international students. The experiences of working with world renown companies and employers will lay down foundations for our future careers.

To anticipate and get ready for the upcoming career and internship fairs, I will be introducing one of the most impressive career service features of the university. It is non-other than the GoldPass career service. The resources available on the website are so vast and useful, every gopher should take full advantage of GoldPass. This will be a basic tutorial on GoldPass for new or prospective gophers, a very useful resource to bookmark.

Step 1: Visit the website : goldpass.umn.edu

Log into your personal GoldPass home page using your x500 account through the "Students & Alumni LOGIN" tab.

Step 2: Update your profile

This is how your GoldPass homepage will look like!

Once you are at the homepage, update your profile (update personal information, upload resume, cover letter and relevant documents) to get started.

Step 3: Start Exploring! 

a) Employers Search

"Find Employers" is useful for gophers who are interested in certain companies. In addition, it is also a useful search functions for students who will like to know more about certain companies or employers. One very impressive feature of the employer search function is its vast records of companies and employers in the country, providing students with even more career opportunities in the country other than the Twin Cities areas!

b) Internships Search

Similarly to "Find Employers", "Job/Internship Search" has user friendly searches for internship positions available on the career service centers database. Students can search for internship or job positions tailored to their major.

c) Interview on Campus

A very useful and impresive resource for students provided by the university's career service centers is on campus interviews. The university will cooperate and get in contact with employers to recruit new talents into their respective companies. In addition, the career centers also organize endless numbers of practive interview sessions to prepare students for upcoming recruitment drives by employers.

d) Career and Internship Fairs

This informational feature will keep students posted on upcoming career and internship fairs. From major fairs to small scale Q&A over tea break sessions, students can include relevant events into their schedules. There will also be Fair Preparation workshops to better prepare students in ways to communicate and leave positive impressions on employers.

e) Professional Networking

Finally, the professional networking services. Networking is essential in building a successful career and the university wants its students to start networking as early as possible. This resource will ease students' efforts in getting in contact as well as establishing good rapport with employers and professionals. This will indefinitely prepare students with upcoming tasks and challenges through advice provided by professionals.


There you have it! The useful and easily accessible career service provided by the university. This is a wonderful service that all students should take full advantage of. With GoldPass, the key to a bright future and the resources to infinite career opportunities are right in front of your door step!