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A Major in Sociology

What is Sociology? 

Well I know that a lot of international students have never heard of this discipline before, or if they have, maybe they don't really understand what its about. Kudos to those of you who know this academic discipline!

So what is sociology? Speaking from my personal experiences as a sociology undergrad student, here is how I view sociology. Sociology is the study of the society and the relationship between elements in our surroundings - us, the economy, politics, environment, technology, culture. religion and almost all things that are part of our lives. A sociology student will develop a strong analytical, empathetic, rational as well as broad minded approach to many issues that are entwined with our daily lives. Things like why do we eat, celebrate or believe certain things while other communities, groups or societies don't. This is an aspect of sociology that has intrigued me as a student. Sociology has certainly broadened my mind and perspectives on many issues, mostly sensitive and stereotypical issues. 

There you go, that's the gist of what sociology is about from my own perspective. If you find yourself as a person unsuitable for hard sciences like biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and even computer science, you can consider sociology as well as other liberal arts academic disciplines but I will be biased towards sociology haha! If you'd like to know more about sociology, you can visit the Department of Sociology's website under the image below or contact me personally! :)