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Schedule Builder: A tool that makes registration easier

Hello everyone!

Hope spring break was rejuvenating and refreshing for all of you! As we are racing towards the end of this semester with innumerable midterms, quizzes and papers, the stress of chalking out schedules for the next semester just adds to the stress! What if I told you that you no longer have to waste time trying to find the perfect class times for you? Yes! Schedule Builder, provided by the U, makes the perfect schedule for you! All you have to do is put in your classes, preferences and choose the schedule that works for you. This not only helps you get an idea of what classes might work or clash but also saves you time when you have to register. You can also use this tool to explore subjects that complete specific course themes (Liberal education requirements)!


This is how it looks:


You can explore different subjects and themes in the first part of the plan. Once you’ve figured out what classes you need to take, go on to Courses/Sections and quickly add these classes. You also have the option of choosing certain discussion sections or class times (if you don’t want to be up at 8am!) through the preferred tab. This is how that looks:


Once you put in your classes, click on build schedules and Schedule builder will provide you with 15 schedules to choose from. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you have registered for these courses! It just chalks out a plan for you to save you time when you are registering!


Hope this information makes registering for next semester an easy process! Good luck!