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Freshman 15

Have you guys heard of freshman 15? I'm sure you have. If you are a future freshman students, you should read this!
Freshman 15 is a belief that freshman college students will gain about15 pounds during their first year in college. Now, is this a myth or a fact? We don't really know. But based on my experience, yes, I gained 15lbs during my first year at the U. Freshman 15 happens usually because it's your first time living on your own, and you have to take care of yourself. There are a lot of temptations especially when it comes to food, and you don't really care that much about what goes in your body. For me, it happened because I lived in a dorm, I had a meal plan, and I always tried to make the most use out of it. It's not a bad thing, yet sometimes I went overboard.

Not all freshman will experience this. You can avoid it by really paying attention on the food you eat. Always eat regularly and don't skip meals. Avoid snacking when you are stressed. Try to incorporate healthy food like fruits and veggies. Watch the size of your portions. There are many ways to avoid gaining those extra pounds.



If you are really concerned about your weight, I would suggest talking to your health advocates if you live in a residence hall. Or another choice is to reach out to SNAC (Student Nutrition Advocacy Collaborative), where the members are juniors, seniors and graduate nutrition students dedicated to improve nutrition awareness. You can also have free nutrition check-ups with Boynton Health nutrition peer, go to Boynton website for more information.

Best of luck for your first year of college!