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A study group? Should I try this out?

You will probably hear lot of college students, especially those of scientific majors, say that courses such as general chemistry and calculus are difficult and students try so hard to get an A. They will tell you that they struggle get above the average on exams and that most of the students don’t do well on those courses. The truth is yes scientific course are demanding and they require you to spend plenty of time studying every week. However, the good news is that if you find a good way to study and stick to your plan you will have the best results at the end.

One way to do that is through study groups. Study groups are groups formed by three to five students who meet usually once a week and study for a specific class. In this way, students have the opportunity to better understand the subject of the course as a result of the interaction with other students, discuss together and help each other on different tasks. For me taking part in a study group helped me in a ton of ways. Firstly, it made me realize that I do not have to be alone in this struggle, and that other students might face similar difficulties. In addition, I improved my perception of complex theories, particularly in math, and did better on the midterms. In addition to that, it helped me further build my communication skills and made some new friends.

What you should get out of this article, is to understand that you do not have to be on your own on a hard course, and expanding that on your journey into college. They are many ways you can get help on your academics, and study groups is one of the most effective ways to do it.