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10 Places to Visit Before You Graduate (St. Paul campus)

Hello guys! How is your summer going? Wonderful! Awesome! Me too.

Today I would like to share my ten favorites places on the St. Paul campus. St. Paul campus is my base. I study here, work here and live here. I love it. Although the title is "10 Places to Visit Before You Graduate", I really hope I had visited these places on the very first day I got off the plane.

1. Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES)

MAES is my play yard as well as workplace.

I am so lucky to work at the beautiful fields, weeding, inoculating, rating, and singing whiling harvesting.

The view is just as amazing as I can imagine.

My cool coworkers: Sven, Kimani and Sean. Great work! Thanks buddies!

2. Horticultural Display Gardens of the University of Minnesota

This glorious garden is located on the northern end of the St. Paul Campus. At the first time I found it, I fell in love with it.

It is a great place to view the agricultural field, to hang out with friends and to have lunch even just by yourself.

3. Diary and Meat Salesroom

If you love cooking and healthy food, Diary and Meat Salesroom is the right place for you to check out. I still can remember the first time I stepped into the door of the salesroom: I was shocked!  How cool is it! Well, no more tasteless words, yummy ice cream, cheese, honey and meat are waiting for you!

Read more about Diary and Meat Salesroom

4.CBS Conservatory

Here is the arboretum at the U. I love plants and lots of you love plants too. Why not say Hi to your lovely plant friends?

Read more about CBS Conservatory

5. Lab

If you love chemistry, biology or any theoretical science, lab is your second home. I work in two labs this summer and I love both. Although summer  already half way done, I still find surprises every day in the lab, whether a Pokémon sticker on pipette, a SpongeBob is smiling at you on the bench or a joke on the whiteboard. 

Try to visit a lab and talk with students or staff who work there.

My artwork in the lab :)

Wall of jokes.

6. The Lawn

Green is my favorite color, so the lawn is my place to go to enjoy my green. It is just too glorious for me to be sad.

It is huge. It is delicious. It is cozy. It is green.

7. Barn

You may hear moo or bleat when you are on your way to St. Paul student center taking campus connector. Cows and sheep are calling you for your petting.

Look! They are so cute, just waiting for you.

Say Good night to awake friends at 11pm.

8. Cornercopia Student Organic Farm

Here is the home of the fresh vegetables you can buy at the Farmers market!  Volunteer if your are interested!

Open House & Field Day on July 27 : https://www.facebook.com/events/858610190911651/

9.  A building on the St. Paul campus


Inside of Green Hall: Tree corer

There are many displays and exhibits in many halls at the St. Paul campus. My favorite building is Green Hall as I take 90% of my classes there. Each building is unique and I believe your will be satisfied  with your exploration.

Outside of McNeal

10. St. Paul campus

Yea. The whole St. Paul campus deserves your adventure. Although I have been here for a year and half, I don’t know the campus 100%. I feel I am new to the campus every single day as I always find something new,  whether a fountain, a new Gopher way or a funny poster. Always, I also meet cuties every day.

Sometimes, just a bunny wandering.


Sometimes, a family hanging out.

Sometimes, a squirrel enjoying his lunch.

Please share your experience with me if you have a great time at the St. Paul campus. Have fun!!!