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Tips for thriving during the first semester at the U!

​During the beginning of my freshman year I remember myself being anxious about classes. I thought that I wouldn't be able to completely understand the professors and that I would find it difficult to distinguish the key points during lectures. However, I managed to find ways to prevent this:

-First, I said to myself that every time I didn't understand something during the lectures I would ask the professor afterwards and if I wasn't able to do that I would gladly visit him during his office hours.

-Second, I decided to read the newspaper at least every other day so that I could improve my English. In this way I increased my vocabulary and at the same time learned about what was happening around me.

-Third, I committed myself to attending every lecture. This is very crucial to everyone and especially to international students because most of the time professors don’t submit the presentations online and we all know that taking the notes from someone else doesn’t always cover us. Every person has a different way of note taking.

-Another thing that kept me focused is that I tried to eliminate my stress by doing something I really liked every week. For example, I would go to the gym or attend an event that seemed interesting to me.

-Last but not least, I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. When I was feeling that something wasn’t working or I was getting stressed out about some classes, I would contact my advisor and see if she has some help to offer. Don’t hesitate to ask your advisor. He or she will always find ways to assist you and give you some other resources from where you can get help.