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Part 3 of the ambassador research series - Avishek Mishra

Hi guys!

This week I caught up with Avishek to talk to him a bit about the research he is doing here at the U over the summer. Avishek works at the MIND lab (Medical Devices and Instrumentation lab) in the Mayo Building right here on campus. Avishek is one of three students working in this lab and the main focus is urology-related medical devices.

Avishek’s work is geared towards developing devices that can prevent incontinence, which is involuntary urine leakage. This condition is often seen in elderly people, who lose control over their muscles, and in women who have recently undergone pregnancy, since the muscles around the urinary tract can lose strength due to the stress under which they are placed.

He joined the MIND lab one year ago and currently he finds himself in the optimization stage, making sure his prototypes behave as expected under all conditions in which they may be placed. He is researching and working on improving his existing prototypes to have the best possible model to take on to the next phase of testing.

We are all very eager to see his progress and wish him the best of luck!