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Homecoming Concert 2016!

Time goes by so fast here at the U, between academics and everything else. So again, we find ourselves at the brink of Homecoming 2016! Homecoming is one of the biggest events held by Student Unions and Activities (SUA). There are lots of activities during Homecoming week, but I'm going to talk specifically about the concert, because that's what gets me excited the most!

For this year's Homecoming concert, SUA is bringing Kesha and Jidenna! It's going to be held in TCF Bank Stadium, on October 21st. The door will be open at 7.30pm, but the show will start at 8.20pm. Ticket are on sale now on SUA website, $25 for UMN students and $45 for public guests.

However, if you are planning to volunteer for Homecoming, you will get free concert ticket!! How awesome is that?! I volunteered for Homecoming 2014 (my first homecoming!) and I got to watch Iggy Azalea for free. It was an awesome experience to be involved in a big event, I would definitely recommend you guys to volunteer as well. If you are interested, email suahc@umn.edu. You better hurry, because there's only limited space for volunteers.

If you want to learn more about Homecoming 2016, click here.