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Global Minnesota at Small World Coffee Hour (SWCH)

Small World Coffee Hour through multicultural events offers, to international and U.S students as well as staff members, a space to share and learn about other cultures. These events are a great experience for international students to share their culture, traditions and food, and meet with U.S students that are interested on learning about the world.

A few weeks ago, Global Minnesota was part of one Small World Coffee Hour event. Global Minnesota is a nonprofit organization who has programs that allow the Minnesota community to connect and participate in the international sphere, and for them to expand its influence around the world. This year their focus country is Colombia and I had the pleasure to join them and to present about my country on the SWCH event. During the event, we had a booth where students learned how to make paper flowers which represent the famous Flower Festival in Colombia. Along with another Colombian, we shared fun facts about Colombia like its music, food, geography, famous people and weather. After the presentation, people who attended were able to taste authentic Colombian food and mingle with other Colombians.

I had a great time at the Small World Coffee Hour event, and I enjoyed sharing with other people my culture and experiences. I frequently go to these events to learn and engage with people while drinking coffee and eating delicious food.