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UMN Study Abroad

If there is one memory of the U that I am fond of during my time here, it is it's rich and well-structured learning abroad center. It is ranked among the five largest and most successful learning abroad center on campus. With the increasing emphasis and importance to study abroad, the learning abroad center is constantly ready to assist any students who are looking to broaden their cultural perspectives and experiences as well as expand their academic perspectives. I myself have studied abroad in Berlin, Germany this past summer and it is one of the best experience of my time at the U. It is truly an experience that have helped me grow and improve as a person. Now, many might ask, why am I studying abroad when I am already studying abroad? Isn't it expensive to study abroad? This is the general misconceptions that normally limit the experiences that we, as international students can gain from these resources. It is in fact manageable and the learning abroad centers has tonnes of financial aids and scholarships that will reduce the financial burden by a great deal. Moreover, we as international students actually benefit more from such experiences as we have experienced education and lifestyles in more cultures, languages and environments. In more direct words, we are more global than many of our peers. So, do not laugh off the possibility to gain such rare experiences easily. My experiences in Germany have put me in the position to say that studying abroad while I am already studying abroad is one of the best decision I have made and it has really added an edge in me. 

Do check out the learning abroad center's website and you'll understand the scale and experiences the U's learning abroad center possesses. Enjoy!