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My experience as a Section Leader of the First Year Experience Program

The CLA First-Year Experience program is an online, 2-credit program offered by the College of Liberal Arts. This program for first-year students takes place during their initial fall and spring semester. The program welcomes new students to the University and provide them with the resources necessary to thrive here.

All section leaders are CLA students who have taken the FYE program during their first year. As section leader, I act as a mentor throughout the year. The program assigned me 15 students with whom I communicate every week through emails and in person. Furthermore, I am able to share my experiences and advise them about student groups, housing and jobs on campus. I also read their weekly blogs, which are about different topics like major declaration, health and wellness, campus engagement, and more. 

If you will be part of the awesome College of Liberal Arts, I highly encourage you to apply to be a section leader on your second, third or four year of college. It is a great opportunity to develop and improve your leadership skills and help new students.