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CSE Student Groups on Campus: Get ready for the fair!

CSE student groups are a great way to get involved on campus, get exposed to your major, develop some early hands-on experience in your field. However, these groups also help gain confidence by meeting new people and building your network. If you are in CSE, then these groups are the place to be!

Granted, you might be fed up from hearing this during Welcome Week, but do not underestimate their importance. Personally, I remember subscribing to almost all the clubs’ email lists at the time. It was ridiculously difficult to pick what group I wanted to join! It took a while to find my group: LPRD Rocketry.

This CSE group has helped me advance my knowledge in the world of Rocketry avionics, microcontrollers, sensors and transducers, actuators … and believe I had no idea what these words meant going in. That’s the beauty of these groups, they just want motivated people ready to learn, meaning you don’t need to be overqualified to be a part of these groups. In other words, when they say anyone can join, they’re not kidding. Finally, remember that you are part of a team and that means your team members will help you out through the rough spots.

If you are a student who got accepted into CSE and wants to really take advantage of what CSE can offer, I strongly encourage you to join student groups.

Pressure sensor used to measure pressure in the combustion chamber of an engine

Member of LPRD Rocketry