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Getting Internships while studying

Hello guys,


Today I am going to talk about internships. Internships are extremely important to make your way through a full-time job in the US. Once you become a junior you start worrying about how to get one, but luckily the University is here to help. Each September, a very big Career Fair is held for each college, where you get the chance to talk from recruiters from big companies like DELL, Ford, Boeing, Medtronic, 3M, General Mills etc. This is your chance to start networking and applying to the jobs you want.

During these weeks, the career center will host workshop on resume writing, resume reviewing, job offer negotiation etc. Making use of these free services will prepare you and your resume for the job you want. Also, GoldPass is a website in the UMN domain where you can view and apply for jobs online.

As a final remark, just because you are an international student that does not mean that US companies will not hire you for internships. Internships do not require a special work visa or change in residence status. All you need is a document from International Student services at the University and (Woilah!) you got a job.



                                                           Two of our ambassadors during one of the Career Fairs