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How to avoid ice cold winter in Minnesota and get to classes safely? Use GOPHERWAY!

I am pretty sure you’ve heard all the rumors about the infamous winter in Minnesota. Yes. The winter is just around the corner and we need to be prepared for it! The enormous campus is such a nice place to walk around during the summer and the fall (when the weather is nice) BUT not during the winter. All you need is to cover yourself up, find buildings, and get inside. So how do you get to classes when you have not enough courage to be bold and walk outside? Well, GOPHERWAY is the answer! Okay. I know you are little bit confused over here. So what exactly is Gopher way? Gopher way refers to all the underground tunnels or skyways between buildings—which means, you can get to another building from where you are without going outside! I am sorry to say that not all buildings are connected. It would have been fantastic if they were…but still! Fair amount of buildings are connected via Gopher way so you should definitely use them to get to classes in freezing weather.

This is the map of Gopher way. For a better quality, go to http://www.pts.umn.edu/walk/gopher-way-%E2%80%94-tunnels-and-skyways

All the maroon colored ones are underground tunnels, and the gold colored ones are skyways. So let’s say you want to go to Mayo building from Moos Tower via underground tunnel. Go to the ground level of Moos Tower and you will be able to see the sign that either says “gopher way to ____” or “Tunnel to _____”. Follow along the sign and you will get to the building that you want! Now that you know we have all these tunnels and skyways, do not hesitate to use them and make the most of it. Don’t be cold. Stay warm!