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Top 5 places to study on campus

Have you ever wondered if there were any quiet, relaxing, decent places to study on campus? The kind of places, where you don't have to look for seats, not worry about finishing your assignments, or not being able to work in crowded places? Like really, who can work/study in crowded, noisy places? Personally, I cannot and I would love to share some of the places I like to go to study. Here we go!

5) Goldy's Gameroom: ​I know what you're thinking: "seriously, Goldy's Gameroom?", but really, it's not that bad how it sounds. I spend considerable amount of my time during the week in there working, studying, responding to emails, etc. Especially that place is not crowded at all in the mornings from 9 to 12pm. The space is clear, really cool and has moderate music playing (sometimes they play international songs), and the set up of the room is interesting. If you find yourself at Coffman, but can't find any seats - go check out the Goldy's Gameroom!

4) Physics & Nanotechnology Building:  ​Another building to think about is the PAN Building, which is located on East Bank near the Rec Center. It has an unusual sculpture representing a woman, who is parallel to the man sculpture, right in front of this building. I used to go there a lot during my Freshman Year and I found it to be fascinating! Very light atmosphere, comfy benches and most importantly, not a lot of people, which is just the right fit if you like these kind of places.

3) Wilson Library: A library? Pfff yes! A library is the number one place all students go to concentrate and become better students. But, we're talking about Wilson Library. Not a lot of people realize, but Wilson is actually a really chill place to be if you want your own space and your own resources. During the week, you can take any space you want, especially if you want your own one. If you're having problems with assignments - go check out the Smart Learning Commons. They offer free tutoring for different courses.

2) Regis Center for Art: This is a new place that I found recently due to a class that I have. I was really surprised to find a new place and I loved it. If you're an artsy person, you can go see a gallery and look at the modern art that the students of the U of M create, build and shape everyday.  The Regis Center is located on West Bank, really close to Middlebrook Hall. It's almost always empty inside, so don't waste time and see that for yourself!

1) The place that I rank the first is the place, where I can study with my friends. Doesn't really matter where that is, as long as I'm not alone. If you're like me, bring your friends along and go discover new places for yourselves too!