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Where to find information about off-campus housing/roommate?

I know one of the top things that you are worried about when going to a college for the first time is “where to live”. It is highly recommended for freshmen to live on-campus for their first semester or year. However, if your budget is too tight for living on-campus or you just want to experience something different, living off-campus is definitely an option. You might think, “But where do I get information about off-campus housing? There are so many websites and I am not sure which one to look at!” So here are some resources that you can use:

1) Facebook group: UMN housing https://www.facebook.com/groups/umnhousing/?fref=nf

(This is the cover of the Facebook group)









This is a closed group, but one you request to join, then someone will accept your request and you will be added to the group. A lot of UMN students post about their housing info in this group; they sometimes look for someone to sublease their apartments or roommates to live with. This is a great page to find some off-campus housing information. Even if you don’t find information that is useful to you, you will at least get some ideas about where students live so that you can narrow your choices of apartments.

 2) UMN roommate finder: http://www.ocl.umn.edu/finder.html

This is a website sponsored by UMN Off campus living that you can use to find roommate. You simply have to follow the link, put in your information (they will ask you things like your major, location of interest, price range, and etc.). Then they will find a roommate for you. Easy-peasy!