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Fun Courses at the U

One of the go-to-brag-about perks of studying at the U is definitely the fun courses this insitution has offered. They are often one of the primary wisdom and advices given out by seniors, seasoned students and even alumnis. "You should take some fun courses at the U or it'll be too late" or "How often do you get to take courses like that apart from being a university students?". I am sure that these statements or similar phrases have been told and passed around. So without further a do, here are the few interesting courses that you can sign up for at the U.

Physical Education

PE courses are the classic. And by classic I mean it's the most common type of fun courses at the U. Designed for Kinesiology or sports major related students, these PE courses are opened to all students. They offer a huge array of sports from the popular sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton and swimming, to gymnastics, fencing, scuba and skin diving and many more interesting classes. Did I mention that you can sign up for these courses and get letter grades for them? Imagine taking snowboarding classes and getting an A for the course! I have personally taken only the soccer course and it was one of the highlights of my academic experience at the U, hands down! I am planning to sign up for the scuba and skin diving course - which by the end of the course I will obtain a proper scuba diving license. 



Animal Science & Horticulture

Courses under these two major or similar categories are definitely for animals and nature lovers. Courses from these majors are "St Paul campus" courses as the resources and classes are often held at the Saint Paul campus. Some of the fun ones for me personally has to be introduction courses to animal sciences and horticulture where there might be loads of fun assignments such as growing your own plants for assignment and projects purpose or to study the sciences of managing livestocks and animals. Did I forget to mention that there is a livestock handling course that is designed to educate and train students proper ways to handle animals, yeap that's right, you get to get close and personal witht the animals themselves! 




Music is a huge part of many of our lives, more so for students who have musical background, who play certain instruments or are part of choir groups. Guess what, the U's Department of Music offers practical music courses, where students are  able to sign up for courses to play musical instruments, whether be it for new instrumental skills or to maintain the existing instrumental skills. So fret not if you are worry that your piano or guitar skills might go rusty [ like me =( ] or if you've always wanted to play the French Horn or even experiment with your vocal ability, there are all types of music instrumental and vocal courses offered at the U.



So there you go, here are some of the fun courses that are offered at the U in my opinions. The list is definitely longer with some sciences subjects that I've not introduced, such as reading and explaining weather patterns to awe people around you through meteorology and climatology or to learn more about the mythical horoscopes in astronomy. University is a time of learning more about yourself, but don't forget to have fun in the mean time. Have a great week ahead!