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My Very First Winter in Minnesota (and I didn’t go home!)

So, it has been almost six months since I got off the airplane and stepped on the land of 10,000 lakes. Different from other students, I chose to stay here in winter break, despite of the “crucial” freezing weather here. At first, I was wondering: “What can I do to make the most out of my first winter in Minnesota?” Even though I still haven’t found a perfect answer for that question, here are what I have done during my first winter in Minnesota!


large_IMG_6334.JPG1. Working Is the Key to Stay Busy (and Earn Extra!) 

I was glad that I stayed busy even during winter break. I work for the Office of Information Technology at the U. As tech help specialists, we have to ensure the service is accessible 24/7. Working here did not only bring fun to my break but also constantly enriched my technical knowledge while I’m away from school . Also, this is a great way to save some money for textbooks expenses, isn’t it? Welcome to student life!

2. Exploring the City

What if you love travelling but don’t have the budget to fly to DisneyLand? I was surprised after searching “100 free things to do in Minnesota” on Internet. Minnesota has plenty of beautiful places to visit, such as: Minneapolis Institute of Art, Munsinger Clemens Gardens, Minneapolis' chain of lakes - Lake Calhoun, Harriet, Isles and Cedar, etc. All you need is yourself, your eagerness and curiosity.



3. Cooking

   One fun fact about me is: I love cooking but never follow recipes, which usually leads to either surprisingly good dishes or terribly bad (but still eatable) ones. During winter break, I have extra time to experiment in the kitchen and improve my cooking skills. Let’s take a look at one of my own dishes.




4. Playing Winter Sports

   Being an outdoorsy person, it was difficult for me to accept the harshness of Minnesota winter. However, instead of complaining about how rough it was (and I couldn’t change it anyway,) I decided to try out some winter sports that I had never played before. And let me tell you, Minnesota is a wonderful state for winter sport! Despite of the countless amount of time that I slipped and felt off, I still love ice-skating and broomball. The feeling of icy air breezing on your skin, is undeniably unforgettable. If you prefer to watch sports, I'm sure that the Gopher women’s and men’s ice hockey teams won’t disappoint you.







5. Participating LeaderShape 


This was the most favorite event of my winter break. Together with over 60 students From the Carlson School of Management, College of Science and Engineering, and College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, I was chosen to join a six-day leadership program at Camp Induhapi in Loretto, Minnesota. Throughout the week, we learned about building community, setting personal goals and creating our visions. What inspired me the most is the deep connections that I carried out from this six-day event. Our seventh day’s mission varies among individuals’ values, but mine are: authenticity, learning, and growth!


I believe my seventh day is going to be continuously meaningful by sharing my stories with you all!
How about you? What does your winter look like? Let's share with ISA!