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On-campus Job Opportunities

To some international students, studying in America can be expensive. Therefore, you may want to make some money while studying to become more independent financially and gain more skills and experience. Fortunately, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities not only provides many on-campus employment opportunities for students but also strongly support student employees. There are two easy but effective methods international students can look for an on-campus job:

- The website employment.umn.edu: This website is where different Departments of the University post their hiring. There are all kinds of employment opportunities on this website: for faculty and staff, for students, part-time, and full-time. As an international student, you should look for part-time student jobs. The requirements and application process for each job are posted in detail on the website. To access this page, you will need to log in your MyU using your x500 first.

- Advertisements in buildings: It can be helpful sometimes to pay attention to the surroundings when you walk in buildings to your classes because you may find advertisements about a job opportunity that interest you. Usually, the contact information of the employers, the requirements, and the application process are posted on the advertisements. You just need to contact the employers and meet the requirements to become a candidate for the position. Also, do not hesitate to contact the employers if you have any questions