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How to break your routine!

I realise that the title of this post can be a bit worrisome. College is tough and involves a lot of hard work and perseverance. As a freshman, I was overwhelmed with how demanding my classes were. Honestly, by the end of my first month in college I began to realize that I might be in a bit of a rut.

Luckily, the University provides you with a variety of activities to take a load off and enjoy your college experience. Goldy’s Gameroom is a great place to go with friends if you feel like you’re sick of your daily routine and want to have some fun. Two dollar Tuesday’s means cheap bowling for everybody! You can even chill with your squad and play some pool, foosball, video games or board games while snacking on some cheese curds from the snack bar.

Goldy’s Gameroom is also a great place to meet new people. I actually met some international students from the Middle East down there during my first week of college and we bowled together. Now, me and my friends go every Thursday night to partake in Trivia Night! I can’t tell you how excited we get to hang out together at the end of a long week filled with classes and exams. The themes are diverse (Disney, Nickelodeon, Super Bowl, The Oscars …) and the prizes are worth it. Last week, we won eight free movie tickets!

If you’re a movie buff, SUA (Student Union and Activities) holds movie nights every Friday and Saturday. You could take somebody to the movies without having to go to a movie theater far from campus. Not only do they screen decent movies that are relatively recent, such as Suicide Squad and La La Land, but their concessions are cheap and the movie’s free! Finally, if you like to watch live music (like me!), The Whole Music Club in Coffman Memorial Union holds live gigs of student bands. In fact, they even hold a battle of the bands where students can come and watch student bands perform and compete for a spot in Spring Jam.
Although college can be difficult, the University offers many chances for students to have fun and relax. So if you ever find yourself stuck on a Friday night with nothing to do and you’re in the mood for watching a movie or playing some games, Goldy’s Gameroom is the place to be!