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On-campus Housing: Roy Wilkins Hall

Dorm life plays an important role in a college student’s academic performance and well-being. Therefore, knowing how dorm life is like in college in advance can help students, especially international students, prepare better for their transition to college. Consequently, I am writing a short description to tell you about Roy Wilkins Hall, an on-campus apartment where I currently live.

Wilkins Hall is slightly different from other residence halls for first-year students because it is an apartment, which means that there is a bathroom and a kitchen in each room while in a dorm, there is no kitchen in each room, and each floor has some community bathrooms. Because there is a kitchen in each room, residents of Wilkins Hall can choose to cook for themselves and are not required to have meal plans to eat at the dining halls. Residents can still purchase meal plans if they would like to. On each floor of Wilkins, there is a laundry room, where residents can do their laundry for free. At the front desk, students can check out games such as cardboard games or household items such as a vacuum also at no cost. Wilkins also provides various community rooms for studying and relaxing and a printer for students. It costs students five cents to print a page from Wilkins, the cheapest rate I have found so far on campus.

In my apartment, besides a kitchen and a bedroom, there are two bedrooms, in which two students share the space, and one living room.  In each bedroom, there are two wardrobes, one closet, two desks, and two bunk beds. The common space including the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room is shared between my three roommates and me. In my opinion, compared to other residence halls, Wilkins Hall is more quiet and more spacious. Moreover, Wilkins has an ideal location to me because it is close to both Dinkytown, where there are various restaurants for students, and classes.

My experience at Wilkins Hall has been great so far. The U offers many residence halls to first-year students, and each hall has its pros and cons. You could find more information about the residence halls at this website: https://housing.umn.edu