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Cost of Living in Minneapolis

Hello guys,

Today I am going to write about the cost of living in Minneapolis, and how do students like me afford living in the Twin Cities area.

First, keep in mind that as international students we are only allowed to work on campus and if we can only do so for a maximum of 20 hours a week. Some other jobs that count as stipends and are paid in full amount such as UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program), Culture Corps projects etc. can be done simultaneously as they do not affect your hours per week. Typically, you will make around $10/hour. 

Next, to the costs of living in Minneapolis. The prices for an apartment range anywhere from $400-$700, and these prices depend on several factors such as: proximity to campus, whether it's  a house or apartment building, amenities offered (gym, pool, parking etc.) . A typical student will pay about $550 per month with utilities included (electricty, gas, internet).

Now, food is the hardest to approximate out of all. This aspect depends a lot on whether you decide to eat campus, cook at home, or a mixture between cooking at home or eating out. I usually spend around $200-$250 on groceries every month, not including when I eat out wiht my friends during the weekends. A meal on the campus restaurants costs about $6-$8, and is not that expensive compared to downtown or other major cities. Also a meal plan on the campus dining halls costs $1900-$2000 per semester.

Finally, we must not leave out miscellaneous expenses, such as clothes, going out (movies, concerts), paying your phone bill etc. These expenses depend greatly on your personality but will always constitute a considerable amount of your monthly expenditures.

That is all for this blog. Hope that cleared up some questions for you guys. Also, here is a link to see how the Twin Cities compare to other major cities in the US.