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I want to get admitted to the U, but I'm afraid my scores aren't good enough...

Hello guys,

As International student Ambassadors one of the questions we get the most is: "I want to apply to the University of Minnesota, but I'm scared because I think my scores are not good enough. Should I still apply?". And I cannot stress it enough that scores are not the only part of your application. Though I'm not saying that they are not important, there are other criteria which are also very important.

As with every college application, job application etc., the most important thing is to stand out from the crowd, to show that you have something not everyone in the pile of applications possesses. As a student you must show, that you are not only excelling academically but also in other areas outside of school. Volunteering or community services are a great example. By volunteering at a homeless shelter, you show the Admission Board that you are also an altruistic person, who is trying to help the community he lives in. Leadership skills are also valuable, so don't forget to mention that you were school president or part of the senate, or that you were the leader of a student organization on your school.

When I took the SAT two years ago, I was also scared that would not get into the University because it was lower than the average, but I took the SAT Subject Tests (which are OPTIONAL) to showcase my strongest areas. And so here I am, writing a blog to the new prospective students whose shoes I was in not so long ago! 

Good luck in your college applications, y'all!