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Welcome to the U?

Moving somewhere new can seem like a difficult task, meeting new people, getting used to the city and so on. This task seems even more difficult when you are going abroad to a big campus like the University of Minnesota’s. Just recently, I found myself in this position. However, the experience was a very enjoyable one.

The University of Minnesota knows that it is a big school, therefore it focuses in making the experience of first year students the best it could possibly be. Orientation & First-Year Programs Office focuses solely on providing quality transitional experience that maximises students’ potential for personal and academic success. They organize Orientation and Welcome Week, which are introductory programs for new students at the U. In these programs, you meet a lot of new people in a small group setting that allows you to get to know each individual at a deeper level.

On top of this, the International Students and Scholar Services Office organizes Global Gopher Events, which is in essence events which are customized for new international students in order to introduce them to campus and all the resources available to us. This past August I was a leader for the GGE events, needless to say it was very fun and helped me develop a variety of skills as well. If you wish to be involved as a leader just be on the look out for emails from ISSS and they will guide you! If you are on the other side of the events, I encourage you to attend as many events as possible because they are really useful and you get to meet people!

With all of these program, it is impossible not to feel welcomed at the U. They are all unique in their own way and help set up a good start to your college career!