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Finding the Perfect Study Spot!

Finding the perfect study spot can be daunting. Study spots make the difference between being productive and accomplishing close to nothing, so it is important to choose a spot that fits you!

Fortunately, the U has launched an application recently to make it easier to find a study spot that best fits you. It is called Study Space Finder and it allows you to filter study spot choices by location, noise level, and even shows you other helpful characteristics such as if there is a lot of table space or if there are outlets available.

During my time at the U, I have experimented with a variety of study spots - here are a few of my favorite ones!

Walter Library

There is a reason why they call this the “Harry Potter library.” This library is mostly catered to material for the College of Science and Engineering even though students from all colleges study here. This is why:


Walter is one of the most beautiful libraries on campus! It has a Hogwarts aesthetic that contributes to it being called the “Harry Potter library.” The library is divided into different sections - so you can be chatty in the basement but not in the “Quiet Study” area!

Keller Hall

Keller Hall is also one of my favorite study spots. It is usually crowded even after class hours. It is also informally known to be a study spot for many international students! The study area at Keller is made up of different levels and it is very spacious.


Biomedical Library

I love studying at Biomed because it is right in front of the East Bank train station. Since I commute from West Bank, it is convenient for me to study at Biomed. Biomed is a library catered to the health sciences, and like Walter, has separate “Quiet” and regular study areas. During finals, Biomed has mini destressing activities including playing with kinetic sand and making Sticky Note art on the wall!

Learning and Environmental Sciences Building

Over the summer, I volunteered at a research lab here under the College of Education and Human Development. This building is one of my favorite places to be in on the St. Paul campus because it is so quaint and has a really unique layout! It is very quiet, which helps me focus on the material I’m working on.



When it comes to study spots, it is important to find the best fit for you as what is conducive to you might not be conducive to others. Experiment with different locations, lighting, and noise level to find out what helps your study best. Good luck!