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Intramural Sports at the U of M!

The University of Minnesota offers intramural sports to its students; for those who don’t know, intramural sports are leagues that give an opportunity to students to compete at a higher level against other student teams. You can make your own team with your friends in the sports that you like. For example, I have participated in soccer, basketball and volleyball intramurals with some of my friends and all the times it has been really fun! The last soccer league I played in took place at the TCF Bank Stadium! So it was really cool playing in such a big stadium and having played soccer competitively in high school, it was nice getting back to the field and playing an actual game of soccer.

It is good to keep a good balance between your physical health, social and academic life; participating in an intramural team gives you both, you are hanging out with your buddies while exercising!

The U offers a wide range of sports that you can find here. They also have different competition level so people can choose how competitive they want to be, for example they have competitive and recreational leagues as well as co-eds leagues where both guys and girls can play together. I encourage you that if you find a sport that you like definitely sign up for it, you will find it is pretty fun. In the other hand, if there’s a sport you never played before and are feeling like stepping out of your comfort zone definitely go for it! See if any of your friends want to play as well or you can also sign up as a free agent so a team that wants extra players can add you to their team!

This is a picture of my soccer intramural team this semester!