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Jobs on Campus!

As the college can cost you a large amount of money, you may wonder whether you could find a way to earn some extra cash for yourself. Also, as an international student, you may wonder whether you could work on campus legally since you have an F1 or J1 visa. Well, the U offers students plenty of campus job opportunities for international students, and it is LEGAL that you can work on campus!

University Dining Service
For most of the international students, their first campus job experiences are given by UDS! UDS offers a lot of positions in Dining Halls, Retailing Shops, and Starbucks, etc. It is really easy to apply for the job, and all you need to do is filling all the required files and doing some paperwork. The hourly salary is about ten bucks, and for an international student, you could work at most 20 hours per week! The jobs sometimes could be boring, but you could meet some interesting people out there. Also, free food is provided if you are working in a Dining Hall and I would say that ’s the greatest part of working in UDS.

University Bookstore
The bookstore is another place that the student positions are relatively easy to apply. They would offer some cashier, assistant job positions for students. The hourly salary is about 9.5 bucks, and you can work 20 hours for max per week. The application process is simple, and all you have to do is fill their online application and give them your weekly working availability. For some particular positions, there will be an interview. The interview questions are not difficult, and you can watch some youtube videos to prepare for it.

University Library
All Libraries have student worker positions! Compared with the applications for UDS and Book Store,  It will require you to hand in your resume and cover letter. For that part, you could ask Writing Center or CAPE for help. And if you pass the resume part, you will receive an interview from the director, and I HIGHLY suggest you doing mock interview before you attend the real interview

Other Opportunities
For other jobs, you can use the Office of Human Resources website to search for plenty of jobs at the U. All these jobs require you hand in your resume and cover letter first. AND if you want to apply for these positions, you must BE WELL PREPARED because the competition is more intense than the jobs I mentioned before. Especially for international students, work hard on your English, interviewing skills and interpersonal skills.