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Dressing for the Minnesotan Winter


Before I came here to the University of Minnesota, I was told that it can get really cold. Now that I've spent a year and a half here, I am telling you, the cold here is NOT A JOKE. If you are from a tropical country like I am, I have a few tips that I find really useful when it comes to dressing up for the cold that I would like to share and would hopefully help get you through the winter here. 

1. Clothings that you will need to prepare for the cold: Gloves(mittens), beanie, long sleeves(hoodie, sweater, etc.), boots, warm and thick scarves, warm winter coat, and a jacket. I know, these things does not sound like a fashionable combination at all, but trust me when I say that it is too cold outdoors and no one will really notice what other people are wearing. As long as you are able to get yourself safely and warmly to your classes, then I'd say you're pretty successful. 

2. When winter began to hit last year (my freshman year), a couple of my local Minnesotan taught me a clothing-wearing method that I find really useful. Every morning when I prepare my outfit, I pretend that I am an onion. I start off with a thin long sleeve(or even short sleeve sometimes) for the first layer. I find the better the clothe fit you, the better it is at keeping you warm. Next, I would add a layer of thin jacket, and by thin, I mean one that you can wear under your coat. For the next layer, I would choose to wear a the thick winter coat, a thick warm scarf, and a beanie that covers my ears. I find gloves(mittens) unnecessary sometimes, since putting your hands in your pocket can also keep your hands warm. But if your pockets are not deep enough, if you are going to be carrying things with your hands, wearing gloves would be a pretty nice idea. I have also been told that mittens works better in this kind of weather, because your fingers can keep one another warm inside the mitten, instead of dealing with the cold individually when wearing gloves. Last but not the least, I find boots extremely helpful, especially water proof ones. When the snow melts and the water seeps through the outer layer of your shoe, it can actually be really cold for your feet. 

3. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that no matter how many layers you wear you are still going to feel cold. So embrace the winter and try to make the most fun out of it! 


And no, please don't wear Vans like the picture, it's definitely too cold for the snow.