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Picking Classes for College

     The process of choosing classes is not as daunting as you may think. The university has a website www.schedulebuilder.umn.edu, which lists all the classes offered, making the entire process relatively stress-free! All you have to do is choose the classes you want, and it will put together potential schedules for you to pick from. Your advisor is there to help when it comes to picking classes for a particular major, but fulfilling liberal education classes is up to your discretion, and that is when the schedule builder is most helpful. It has a whole section for Liberal Education requirements, and is very easy to navigate through! Liberal education classes have always been my favorite because you get to explore different fields, and they tend to be easier (in my experience) than classes you might be required to take for your major! A class I took last semester, and would definitely recommend taking, is called Death and Afterlife. I loved this class not only because it gave me a much-needed break from the science classes I was taking, but because I developed a genuine interest in what we were learning about. The professor I had was so passionate about teaching about Death, that his excitement was contagious

Another website that can come in handy while choosing classes is www.ratemyprofessor.com, where students can rate professors, and give reviews on how they taught the class. This will give you an idea about how difficult a class may be, whether the professor’s teaching style is suitable for you, or even if you need to buy a book for the class!.

My favorite class at university, thus far, has been my ice skating class. I am literally earning credits, which count towards my degree, for learning how to skate! . The university offers such a vast range of classes; it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. College classes are tough and it’s important to sometimes just take a class for fun, even if you may not need it for your major. My roommate, for example, took a ceramics class, which she loved because it just was a creative and fun environment where she was able to de-stress while making art with clay.  Since this was a four-hour credit class, it helped boost her GPA. Scuba and Skin Diving, Foil Fencing, Hip-hop movement, all of these are classes U of M offers! Most of these classes are covered in your total tuition, so why not make the most of this opportunity and learn how to SCUBADIVE?!