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Dorm Life 101

I’m sure there are some mind-boggling questions everyone has coming to university. One of them is for sure, “how’s life living in the dorms?”. Don’t fret though. I’ve been living in the dorms for a semester and I believe I’m more or less an expert now.

Living in the dorms is no doubt, soooo much more different than living back home or anywhere else. You finally have your own space or your own side of the room if you have roommate(s) and you can come “home” however late without your parents breathing down your back. There’s also plenty of friends you can make within a 10 meter vicinity. Everyone has your back if you need anything. It’s like a slumber party every night!!

For me, I live in Territorial Hall’s “Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives” living learning community (LLC) because I’m passionate about nutrition and am a nutrition major. The perks of an LLC is that there are monthly hall activities where we make face masks, cookies, and smoothies together. Our entire community even had a private yoga class. I met some of my best friends from college here and a lot of like-minded amigos. Coming to a place with an entirely different culture, it’s essential to feel a sense of community and help battle my homesickness. So go on the housing and residential life webpage and look up LLCs to join. There are one for every kind of student you can think of, even YOU, an international student.

 These lovely hallmates I met are some of my closest friends in college now :)

Of course, living in the dorms is not always sunshine and rainbows. There are “party dorms” and “party halls”. During the weekends, and the first few weeks of school, it can get pretty crazy. But you definitely don’t need to party to fit in and make friends. Your roommate may also not be what you expect. Just note that you two don’t have to be besties. I have indeed heard some crazy roommate stories, but you can always switch out even after school has started. One last major downside of living in the dorms is once you get sick, everyone else does. So bring your medicine! But even if you didn’t, health advocates (HAs) are here to help. I am one of the HAs in my dorm and I have supplies ranging from cough syrup, to advils, to bandages, to condoms and pregnancy tests. And they are all FREE! So knock on their doors if you want anything. There are also SHADE volunteers who offer a variety of safer sex supplies too. And if you have any questions, your community advisor (CA) is right down the hall. They are there to help.

 Us Health Advocates promoting sexual health and wellness around our building...

Don’t be turned off by living in the dorms because of different rumors. There are some drawbacks to it, but it IS an irreplaceable experience. Those friendships you make can last a lifetime. It is also a stepping stone to finding your niche at the U. So step out of your comfort zone and meet different kinds of people! Afterall, you are not alone, everyone is just as scared as you are!