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What to do in Minnesota during cold winter? WINTER CARNIVAL!

Many of you would have already heard about the notorious winter in Minnesota. Yes, I won’t negate that – it gets REALLY cold during the winter here. However, there are still things that you can do despite the cold weather. If it’s cold, then you should enjoy cold, right?

One of the things you can do is going to a Winter Carnival in St. Paul. This is a really big event that is happening for about 10-15 days in St.Paul (usually happening in late January - early February), and it’s FREE! There is a main park where you can see many ice sculptures that people have made and a huge ice castle! Also, there are many bands that are coming to play at the event, so you will be able to enjoy some music while you are there. Many food trucks are also coming to feed you in case you get hungry while walking around the park. Ambassador Hui and I went to the carnival together and we had a blast! Here are some pictures that we have taken there.



This is the ice castle! It's HUGE!



These are some of the ice sculptures that are displayed. There are really cool ones - I highly recommend you go there to check them out!


Parades are must-see! There is a total of three parades happening during the carnival. Many local businesses, governmental agencies, and community groups are participating in the parade and they create a great festive atmosphere!



One more thing! There is an ice rink next to the main park, so you can also go ice skating!

If you want more information about this carnival, visit this website: https://www.wintercarnival.com/

You will definitely love this carnival! Don’t just stay in your room during the winter. You should enjoy the winter while you can!