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Different Shades of Spring Break

Converging midterms and assignment deadlines instill in students a sense of longing for the short respite that spring break offers. The media and Hollywood portray spring break as an opportunity for college students to cut loose and party continuously on beaches at great locations around the world. While this may be reality for some students, other students may just want to relax at home and get some time away to destress. Other factors such as costs or work commitments may also limit students' abilities to travel to an idyllic spring break destination. Here are some of the spring break experiences my friends and I have had so far as students at the University of Minnesota:

A Tropical Getaway

medium_20170802_092647_0.jpg  medium_IMG-20170806-WA0019_0.jpg

Trips to places like Florida, South Padre or even Cancun (in the above pictures) are the typical locations that college students choose to travel to in order to get away from the cold Minnesota climate. Large groups of friends are ideal for such trips because that brings down the cost for places to stay. These typical spring break locations can also be fun because they often have events that specifically cater to college students on break. The key to getting good deals in a place that is perfect for you is to start looking early, especially if a flight is involved.



Many students also spend spring break at home with their family. For instance, I spent spring break in New York with my sister and nephew (in the picture above). However, as international students, this may be a little challenging for many of us because flights home are quite expensive. It is therefore nice to have friends to hang out with on campus. The International Student Ambassadors hang out together and the University also hosts events for International Students that stay on campus during spring break. 

A Getaway within Minnesota

Many of us want to travel, but costs and a lack of planning can be a hinderance. However, traveling within Minnesota is an option! With beautiful sights to see within a driveable distance, Duluth is a popular destination. Colorado, while a different state, is also close enough for a nice roadtrip and beautiful sights.

Spring break is therefore not the one-dimensional party week it is portrayed to be in movies. There are many different ways to relax and recharge depending on your preferences, budget, and friends. The most important thing is to have fun and get back in shape for the second half of the spring semester!