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Fitting into the U

As an International student, it could seem scary to come to live and study in Minnesota. I for one definitely felt this coming from the Philippines. I studied in an International School and have always been a part of an international community.

It did initially feel difficult to come to the U and find that a large part of the student population is from the state, and to find that not everyone has had any expirience with people outside of their state, let alone outside the country. I have realized, however, that it is in your hands to make what you want of your expirience here. There are, without a doubt, people who are welcoming, friendly and open to interaction with all. There is a large and acessible international community that can be joined through various forms of clubs and acitivities.

It also becomes sort of a privilege to introduce your culture and experience to people who are not familiar with it. I have, for example, been able to find this community by trying to go out of my bubble and trying to talk to people that were in my dorms, classes, and through various student orginizaiton. By doing so, I have felt that my experience at the U has drastically improved. So, to those who are questioning coming to Minnesota right now, I say give it a chance!