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Saving up!

Let’s face it. College is expensive, but it’s also the first time you get actual independence and are considered old enough to manage your own money. I personally did not think I was old enough to be responsible for paying my own bills and spending a ton on groceries. The first couple of times I went grocery shopping, I realized I’d only ended up buying junk food (not the best idea, especially in terms of budgeting because you just get hungry and eat out!).

The independence I got with coming to college had its ups and downs, and budgeting was definitely a downside. So here are a few tips I learned that could possibly help save up in college:

1) Books are incredibly expensive. Around two weeks or so before classes start, look for your text books online.. You can most probably get a cheaper price for a second hand text book online! 

Some websites you could explore are:

Amazon Books

Big Words

Abe Books

Otherwise UMN has a Facebook page where you can buy and sell your textbooks! (It’s pretty convenient because while buying you can ask the people who previously took the class about their opinion on the classes)


2) Make a grocery list, and stick to it, so you buy what you need and not what you want. Trust me, it is incredibly hard to not spend money on ice-cream and chocolates.

3) Limit eating out. The UMN campus has SO many amazing restaurants around campus; it’ll be your new goal to want to try all of them. Also. you may want to join your friends every time they go out to eat, but both of these can put a huge dent in your wallet. Set a limit to the number of time you want to eat out per month and stick to it!

4) Maybe consider getting an on campus job! There are so many places looking to hire throughout the year, you just have to keep an eye out for them! The number of hours you work can vary based on the job, so having that extra income, even if its not a lot, can get you the freedom to do things and buy things for yourself. (like buying junk food, or tickets for a concert!) (Also jobs can be a great way to meet new people!)

This is a page where employers looking to hire, post their jobs!


5) While on the topics of concerts (kind of), there always cheap ($10 dollar) concerts going on downtown, which is a fun activity for the weekend. There also so many free events going on around the Twin Cities, for example the Walker Art Museum is free every Thursday night! My point is that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to do fun things!


Here's a picture of my favourite (supercheap) concert at First Ave!