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Graduating from the U

Graduating from high school is easy compare to graduating from university.

You’ve got counselors that would guide you through the process and there’s a very high chance that all of your peers are planning to attend university after high school. But in university… not necessarily the case. You see, there’s so many things that people do after graduation. Some international students would travel, take a gap year, find a job, attend grad school, or just go wherever life takes them. But you see, it can be kind of scary when you are thinking about what you want to do after graduation, especially when your friends may not be doing the same thing as you.

So here’s a small make-sure-you’ve-done-all-of-this list in order to graduate:


Even though there are cases where people would still take classes the summer after their graduation, but always remember that in order to graduate you need all 120 credits. This includes your liberal education requirements and your major requirements. You can always check your progress on APAS and plan the classes that you want to take on your graduation planner beforehand.

2. Apply for the graduation ceremony

You are not automatically enlisted as one of the attendees of the graduation ceremony. You have to apply for it yourself before the deadline to make sure you actually get your graduation certificate on that day!

3. Make a university “bucket list”

You see, you only get to live as an university student once, so might as well live it to the fullest. Make a list of things that you want to do before you graduate to make sure you have all the fun and opportunities that the campus can possibly provide. Personally, I made sure I had the chance to go to the homecoming game and parade to enjoy the school spirit with my friends. I’m also planning to do photoshoot around the campus during autumn, cause the campus can be so beautiful with all the orange, yellow, and red leaves!

4.Think about the next step

Like I’ve mentioned before, you may not necessarily be doing the same thing as your friends after you graduate. So start thinking about what YOU want to do after you’re done with university, and don’t wait till the last minute! If you’re thinking about attending grad school, then you’ll need to pay attention to the application deadline. If you’re thinking about getting a job, then you’ll need time to apply for both the job and the working Visa. BOTH OF THEM TAKES TIME. So don’t wait for the last minute!