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Transportation at the U

Moving about at college is something you will do a lot, to classes and back, friends gathering, sport events, student groups meetings and so you will find yourself needing to figure out how to do all this, and fast. Here at the University of Minnesota, there exists a couple ways in which you can move about.


  • The Gopher Bus: the U offers bus services to all its students free of charge, the most common routes are the University Ave circulator, 4th Street circulator and the Campus Connector. All these routes are pretty useful especially during the weekdays, you will find most buses arrive every 5 minutes to the stops. The campus connector is a very important one since it connects the St Paul campus with the Minneapolis campus, essential if you live in Bailey Hall or have classes in St Paul.
  • Light Rail System: The Twin Cities area have a pretty big light rail system that runs almost all day and night. There are 3 stops within campus that you can use for free with a metrocard that the university provides, these stops are useful from going to East Bank to West Bank in a matter of seconds. You can also purchase a ticket if you are going outside of the school zone for 2$, you can get to Downtown Minneapolis, the airport and the Mall of American using the light rail!
  • Bus System: there is multiple stops around campus that you can use to get anywhere around the Twin Cities area.
  • Gopher Chauffeur: this a service that runs Wednesday-Saturday from 10pm to 2am. You can call anywhere within a mile off campus and this van will pick you up and drop you off at the location of your liking. Good when you are having a night out with friends.
  • Uber/Lyft
  • Lime/Bird: A new campus favorite is the electric scooters that you can unlock using your phone! These are all around campus and allow you to get to classes quickly if you are running late, guaranteed fun. (Pic attached!)


Getting around can be tricky but once you start figuring out what works best for you, you’ll realize is not that hard! With the multiple services the U offers you will for sure not run out of options!