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Life in the Bailey Hall

Got assigned to Bailey Hall? Seems like there is no way for you to get out of there?


Well.. there is a well-known saying in Korea, “If you can’t avoid it, you may just enjoy it!”


It would be frustrating if you start hearing people calling you a bailen (Bailey + an alien). I remember the time when I was assigned to Bailey last year. I was VERY worried to be isolated in the St Paul campus (I’m not even in CFANS). I understand your concerns as a person who lived in Bailey in my freshmen year. However, there are actually lots of benefits of living in the Bailey, which many students don't know! Now, let me unveil the privileges you can indulge in as a bailen woohoooo


Close community: since Bailey people don’t really have choices to go hang out outside of the Bailey in the St paul campus, we mostly stay in the dorm (unless people are going out for events). In other words, we see each other a lot. Like A LOT. We not only live together but take bus together and eat together. Because we share many aspects of a residential life, it is easier to build in depth friendship with your dormmates, which helps to create more comforting community and lessen anxiety in freshmen year.



Transportation: Though most students have a vague sense of the campus connector's route, I have seen tons of freshmen who are not familiar with campus connector’s full route. Some people only know stops at the St Paul, Coffman, and West bank but there are definitely more stops than those. If you live in the Bailey, you become an expert in campus transportation. You get to know the full route of the campus connector 121 since you will be traveling from the St Paul campus to the TC campus in a daily basis. This is definitely one of the useful resources you can take advantage of whether you go out somewhere on or off campus. Another thing that I realized to be convenient is that you don't have to walk as much as you think you would. Especially during the winter, it's extremely painful to walk across campus to get to the buildings. Since there is a bus stop right in front the Bailey and that is the last stop of the campus connector, buses are always there. While it does take about 15-20 minutes to get to the TC campus by bus, all you need to do is throwing yourself in the bus. Then the bus will drop you off really close to the buildings in the TC campus.


EXCLUSIVE resource centers: People say there is nothing but cows in St Paul campus. But guess what? There is actually everything there (including cows). Sadly, It’s just people don't know about it. I specifically want to stress about the availability of resource centers (e.g. one-stop, gym, bookstor, library, and student centers) in St Paul. Even though they are smaller than the ones in the TC campus, they are EXCLUSIVE to you. Since not many people come to the St Paul resource centers that provide you the same services as the ones in TC campus, they are not busy most of the time. You usually don’t have to wait in line to get helped. Also, there is a gym right next to Bailey which is large enough but not intimidatingly huge like Rec Well center in East bank.


St Paul campus in general: Trust me, the St Paul campus is beautiful. In spring, there are flowers and a lawn right in front of the Bailey that you can go for a walk and take some nice pictures to destress yourself from academics. Also, you can always explore the St Paul campus just to have some fun with your friends.There are lots of study spaces and some hidden places as well. Contact me if you are curious! 


While I listed bright sides of living in Bailey Hall, there are definitely things that are not that great. For example, being so far away from Twin Cities campus is sometimes unbearable on the weekends when buses are not running as often as weekdays. On top of that, you can’t walk anywhere to get some good snacks at 1 AM. Most importantly, I can’t guarantee that you would experience the same as I did in Bailey either. If you really want to get out of there, you always have other options such as reaching out to CAs or emailing housing office. But I just want that this would help you take as much as you can in your given situation. Also, the St Paul campus is one of our beautiful campuses so it is always good to be aware of the things avaliable to you! I hope you all not only survive but also THRIVE during your time in the Bailey Hall!!