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Want scholarship as an International Student? Try Culture Corp

Are you an international student willing to share your experience on the U?
Do you want a scholarship from the U?
ISSS Culture Corp program is the right place for you. 
Culture Corps was created in 1998 by Dr. Mohammed Bari to provide international students the opportunity to share their cultural experiences and their knowledge with the University of Minnesota campus community.
The Culture Corps Program provides monetary awards to international students willing to share their experiences.


above is the direct link to the website

I took part of Culture Corp program by Initiating and organizing Global Non-profit Network Event, offering international students, University, and local nonprofit professionals to connect, share, and learn.
The project you want to do can be one time- a small sized event such as sharing about your own country’s culture in dormitory lounge to the big network event like I did.
I will go over with a detailed process to apply for culture corps program. 


As a picture above shows, you have four steps to apply.
The pic is self-explanatory, but I will share detail about each step. 
Step 1)
You can make an appointment by sending an email to culturec@umn.edu
You can tell them you are interested in culture corps project and want to arrange a meeting. 



They reply me back with the link that I can make an appointment with the coordinator.
You have to follow the link to make an appointment at the time both work for you and coordinator.



After you make an appointment, now, you have a few days or weeks before you meet with the coordinator to brainstorm your idea about the project. If you already have some idea, that’s great! 
You do not need a detailed plan about the event when you first talk to the coordinator, but I recommend to have at least a broad idea about what kind of project you want to do. When you brainstorm event, focus on sharing your unique experience and stories that you can share as an international student. 
Remember this program wants a reasonable reason to give the award to the international student instead of domestic students. So relate the project with your own culture, or experience as an international student. 
It can be introducing your home country’s culture such as food, games. It can be sharing your story about adjusting in America as an international student. Again, it can be anything though.



For me, I am interested in Non-profit and international development and recently made a broad connection with diverse non-profit professionals. So I had an idea that it might be great to connect international students with Non-Profit professionals. 

Next step is to show up at the meeting with the coordinator.
The office is located in 94 blegan hall.


And the coordinator will give you a detailed idea about the project and connect with resources on campus if necessary. 
For me, since my event was going to be held in 3 times throughout the spring semester, and was big scale project, it considered as culture corp internship.
If it is comparably small size, it considers as culture corp project.
Culture corp Internship award you with more scholarship than culture corp project, but it is lots of time and energy to put in, so it is your choice to choose.  

The coordinator will give your application to work on, and it includes basic information about you and have a various question about your project. 

Step 3) 
You submit an application and have to wait for their decision. 
For Culture Corp Internship, I also had to submit a project proposal. They do not give you a specific format but keep it professional!

These are part of my project proposal for demonstration.





Step 4) And if you got admitted, the momentary award will place into your student account! 

This program was an excellent opportunity for me to not only demonstrate leadership skill and event planning skills but also let me learn how to network with people professionally.

I wish this blog was helpful to you.
If you are applying for culture corps and have any question, feel free to email me 
I have a question list for both Culture corp Internship and Culture corp Project, and more than willing to give any help.

Thank you!