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Intramural Sports (Soccer!)

Lebanese people love to play and watch football (soccer)! When I first came to the U.S. I was under the impression that students at the university wouldn't be interested in soccer because of the popularity of other sports such as American football, hockey, basketball ... but luckily I was wrong. They might not follow European soccer as close as my friends would back home, but the students here really like to play! 

Before I shed a little light on my experience playing in the U.S. I too was a stranger at first to the idea of intramural sports. Intramural sports are recreational sports orgranized by the U and are a great way to engage in friendly competition. Students can compete in individual, partner, or team events in a wide range of sports offered throughout the year. With that in mind, I joined my first intramural soccer team during the summer of my sophomore year. All it took was for me to know one person on the team, and there you had it ... I was on the team. There are other ways to join teams too. Some people like to list themselves as "free agents" for other teams to see, ohers like to meet people at pick-up soccer on Friday afternoons. 

Once you're registered, the fee per person is a measly $10 and the number of games averages out to about 6 a term (not including playoff games). Another thing that worried me is that I usually play soccer outdoors in Lebanon because we have such great weather outside. But Minnesota is prepared for just about anything! During the summer and beginning of the fall, the intramural games are played outdoors in either St.Paul or the Rec Dome. During the second half of the fall and the majority of the spring, the games are played either indoor at the Fieldhouse or at the Rec Dome (heated and covered). Here's a picture of what the Dome looks like:


It's really fun and I encourage you to do it! It's definitly something that I look forward to every weekend and helps me relax during the semester. It's also a great way to meet new people and build a sense of comaradery. Here's a picture from last fall when we won the league, can you guess which one I am?